About the Artist

Ross Boa Collado is a self-taught abstract expressionism painter based in Seattle. 

Currently, his art showcases a minimalist style playing with the stark contrasts of depth and color. His distinctly unique earlier paintings consist of visceral creations portraying utopian and dystopian landscapes wrought with intense emotions and psychological solitude. 

In every piece, the appeal is universal while having a connection that is contemplative and highly personal. His art evokes feelings and experiences of a surreal world in the artist’s mind.

Over the years his works are intuitive and emotive expressions of acrylic on canvas. Making art for Ross is not therapeutic but rather a series of intense moments.

“It’s like I am walking through a creative tunnel of exploding colors and ideas waiting to come to life through a brush stroke.”

His passion for acrylic painting took off in the midst of COVID19 and at the heart of BLM protests in Capitol Hill in Seattle. “Nightfall”, his first commissioned piece was created in 2020  as cries of “Justice for George Floyd” echoed and a tear gas smell filled the area where Ross lives. Several months later, the same client that commissioned the work gifted him back “Nightfall” “He told me that my soul seems to be trapped in that painting and it’s befitting for me to have it back. I created another commissioned piece for him that evokes a more peaceful setting.”

Firmly holding on to Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous quote; “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”, Ross fuels his passion with equal fervor for travel and exploration of hiking trails leading to grand vistas and waterscapes. His never ending quest of finding beauty in everything and everywhere go hand in hand with his mission to represent beauty that moves the heart, mind and soul. 

Ross Collado

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